Thursday, July 28, 2016

Creative Chemistry 102

The month of July was filled with the techniques from Creative Chemistry 102.  Even though the class ran the whole month it was a challenge to complete the techniques and done on time.  The one thing I learned is that you do not want to get behind in a Tim Holtz class.  He makes these techniques look so easy. You watch and say to yourself that should take about 20 minutes.  Two hours and 3 tags later you have something that resembles Tim's. At that point you remember that life is not perfect, so why should your art be.

Here are just a few of the tags I completed, and trust me some of these are NOT my first attempt.
Enjoy while I get ready to move on to Creative Chemistry 103. Wish me luck...

Stencil Stamping

Embossing Through Stencils

Paint Monoprint

 Stencil Sketching

 Smudge Stamping

Mixed Media Layering

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