Saturday, February 6, 2016

Inspiration Wednesday - Weeks 1 & 2

It's a new year with Donna Downey and her Inspiration Wednesday  classes. I'm late in getting my first two projects posted so before something else becomes a high priority in the house here they are.

I'm not at all crazy about  this piece. It's not something I would have been inspired to do, but last year I learned to try everything that Donna through at us. Being comfortable is what you are supposed to be in your Journal. The one thing I was not able to come with was my word for the year. That would have to wait...

Week 2 was much more fun for me. Collage was something I was never any good at.  I mean why would you want to cover up a piece of ephemera (junk), that you just glued down, with another piece of ephemera. After doing a few of these last year they are now one of my favorite projects to work on. There are no rules, not that Donna has rules to begin with. 

And, without even thinking about it I found my word for the year. It's originality. 

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