Saturday, November 7, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday Week 22

Donna had us drawing again this week except it wasn't with a brush.  Using heavy body paint we had to draw the flowers using a palette knife.  When I watched the video I thought "Where does she come up with this stuff." After watching 3 times I was ready to give it a try. Here is the result.

My flowers came a little rounder than I would have liked, but I am pleased.  I had bigger issues with writing my quote. I started out using my extra fine line paint marker. Because the paint wasn't quite dry it got clogged and stopped writing. I tried to clean it off, and instead ended up pulling the entire writing implement out of the pen.  What a mess that made. After I cleaned up my mess I finished the quote with my fine line marker.  I thought about going over the first part of the quote, but figured I'd better leave well enough alone.  I'm happy with the way this turned out, can't for next week.

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