Thursday, March 19, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday Week 5

This week I learned when Donna gets an idea in the middle of the night it's going to be wild.  This project took me about 5 days working one layer at a time to allow for drying.  What an experience!

Before I could start I had to cut my own stencil. Another learning experience. I used the Tim Holtz Layered Butterfly die. I love this die and got to use both the positive and negative cuts.

The orange butterfly is actually two butterflies sandwiched with the center inclusion page in-between.   Using the negative from from die cut I used modeling paste to make two butterflies.

The purple butterfly was made using the positive die cut as a mask that I removed after covering both pages with modeling paste.

For the grass I used an old green blouse from my closet. This was good because I should clean the closet.  After cutting it into strips I attached the fabric using more modeling paste.  Then, you guessed it,  more modeling paste on top.

Painting, stamping and woo hoo it's done!  I love the way it turned out!

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